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Feb 1, 2013 6:00am PST
conference in orleans with super bowl coaches jim and john harbaugh. the two brothers will talk about their sibling rivalry and the lead up to the game. we will bring you the news conference live. >> first the super bowl now just two day away the anticipation is definitely building and now the "good morning america" team is joining in on the phone. >> katie marzullo is live in new orleans to tell us more. >> good morning. consider this: new orleans is a party. the super bowl is a party. "good morning america" is a party and you put them together and you have the tailgate party of gma. they are breaking down the set they have set up in the french quarter but it was so much fund -- fun. fans were lined up, waiting to most sam and josh this morning before the sun even came up. the guys throwing the football around, shaking hands, chatting people up and having a good time. when i talked to them i asked who they are rooting positive and you will like the answer. >> they are asking me who i am rooting for which is like picking the game but i don't --. >> you can root? >> you can root. >> i
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am PST
for john and jim to be in this situation. >> there will be one winner and one will be totally disappointed and my thoughts go to that one that will not expense the -- the experience of victory. >> it cannot be an endless tie? >> i think if the nfl would change that law, if it ends in a tie, it will be a tie. >> this is just a fantastic experience. really, no one has it better than us. >> we also got an answer to the burning question, do all family members names start with "j" and jackie says no, they are just not that creative. >> sorry, katie, harbaugh affair. follow our entire abc7 news team in new orleans on twitter, sports director larry beil and sports reporter mike shumann and wayne freedman are down there with katie tweeting behind the scenes update and we are re-tweeting the highlights at abc7 news bay area. >> straight ahead the kitchen appliance that could pose a real danger in your home. consumer reports investigation to keep you safe. >> the airline that grounded dreamliner flights and the financial impact now being reported. >> a look outside at sunnyvale where the big rig has
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am PST
. ironically the coach who knows him best might be john harbaugh of the ravens. he was his position coach for eight years. that was in philadelphia. >> john is a great special teams guy, knows a lot about kicking. probably knows a lot about me. so, you know, for me i'm just going to go into this looking positive and forgetting the fact of 2012 and look forward to good things 2013. >> colin kaepernick has become an instant star leading the 49ers to the super bowl after only nine starts. in contrast we have raven's joe flacco, who is not considered an elite quarterback yet. but he has spent the elites packing in this postseason. flacco hans 8 tds and no picks in the playoffs this year. but no matter what he does, it seems like it's not enough. >> i really don't care. you know, there's guys out there that have to make a living on somebody, and if that's going to be us, if that's going to be us, then i plan on being around for a while. and if you want to continue to do it, i'll be here. >> the warriors opened a four-game road trip last night in chicago. an ex-warrior helped to do it and littl
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am PST
.s.. it happened today in washington d.c.. senate expected to confirm john kerry as secretary of state. confirmation hearings went well. president obama nominated the massachusetts senator to replace outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. with kerry's confirmation all but assured. secretary clinton will officially leave her post at the state department by this friday. >> steve ballmer is distancing his group that is trying to buy the sacramento king and move to seattle. microsoft is not taking part in the group trying to buy the cimmings. ballmeris involved as a individual and not microsoft ceo. there was controversy when the state was asked to review the business relationship in microsoft in light of the potential move. >> one of the world's largest hotel chains is joining a campaign to repeal doma. the los angeles times report that is marriot international is joining aentnaand ebay and electronic art. marriot's executive chairman is a devout mormon. while he personally believes that marriage is between a man and woman, he believes he should not mix the views with the operatn of
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
show it is dry. temperature near 50 in tahoe and 70 in southern california. >> john kerry will be sworn in today as the next secretary of state. the senate confirmed him yesterday to the post the on friday he will replace hillary clinton who is step down after four years. some is the first time since colin powell served under president george bush that a man will be sworn in as secretary of state. >> happening in a few minutes in washington, dc, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, will testify at the first congressional hearing on gun violence since the president launched the gun control campaign. the head of the national rifle association is scheduled to testify, too, focusing on the question, what should america do about gun violence? >> a study suggests straight men are more stressed out than men who are gay or bisexual. the study from canada measures whether gays and lesbians experienced less overall anxiety after coming out, straight were more stressed and depressed than their gay counterparts but the opposite was tree for women w
Feb 2, 2013 6:00am PST
wrapped up about 15 minutes early. for baltimore, coach john harbaugh gave their 65-minute workout an a-plus-plus, saying the team is clicking on all cylinders. this game won't just feature one harbaugh brother against another but jim's son, jay, works for the ravens, so it will also be father versus son. >> maybe that will tip the scale. maybe that will be our edge, it will be jay. he's really good. >> i sent him a few texts letting him know how i feel about him. i don't want to get him where he's -- people are thinking i'm talking to him. but i'm really proud. i've heard he's done a great job and that means the world. >> well, randy moss has drawn a lot of attention this week. michael crabtree will likely have a bigger impact during the game. he's quickly become colin kaepernick's go-to guy. jerry rice has been impressed with their chemistry. >> crabtree, my god, he's like a new receive. they have a connection. you can see that chemistry on the football field. i think whenever he has like one-on-one coverage, kaepernick is going to throw him the football. >> that's sports for saturday
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6